African Rights Monitor

Amay H.
Human Rights Council
Seventh session of the Forum on Minority Issues on "Preventing
and addressing violence and atrocity crimes targeted against
25 and 26 November 2014
 Venue: Room XX of the Palais des
Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
Item 3. Understanding the root causes of violence and atrocity
Dear chairwomen,
Dear chairman,
African Rights Monitor (ARM) is a non- governmental advocacy organization created to
monitor human rights violations in conflict and post-conflict East African territories.
Currently ARM is conducting monitoring projects in Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and
The root causes of violence and atrocity crimes can vary from a conflict to another one.
It may have for historic, ethnic, religious, economic or colonial reasons. The Somali
Region also known as the Ogaden, is one of the nine regions of Ethiopia. This territory is
practically under martial law and is a war zone fought between the government forces
including special local militia and the ONLF. The fighting has escalated after April 2007
when the rebel attacked oil facilities run by the foreign companies. Since then, the
government sealed off the region and expelled the ICRC and MSF (Doctors without
borders). And banned trade and aid from the area asserting that the region is
operational military zone. Extrajudicial killing, rape, detention, forceful relocation and

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