Madam Chair, fellow human beings, sisters and brothers from across the globe. It is indeed a
privilege to able to address you on behalf of the Afriforum, just for background information,
Afriforum is a civil rights and minority rights NGO in South African.
I must say it is indeed heart breaking to hear what problems minorities have across the globe and of
course these issues need attention. I also want to urge you to add another area of concern with
regards to economic pairticpation and that is the rights to take part in economic activities without fear
of violence and without fear of being murdered. In South Africa we have seen crises of epidemic
proportions over the last 15 years with more than [300] farmers being murdered, these farmers are
mostly members of minority community called Africaaners or so called white Africaans speaking
people. These people are simply not being murdered by criminals the worrying aspect is these
murders are taking place when government is behaving in an inappropriate way. Since the retirement
of a huge and reconciliatory figure like Nelson Mandela we've seen the ANC government after his
retirement start to use slogans like shoot the Boer and of course refers to White Africaans speaking
farmers in South Africa. The ANC defence is that it is not being meant literally but while they day this
farmers are being literally murdered and that includes women and children.
Only last week a two year girl called Valime Portreater was shot execution style behind the head, her
father and mother were also murdered after that, the next day we saw another murder in Rastenburg
the first murder I referred to was in Free State and while these murders are going on we have a
government that says it is fine to use slogans like shoot the Boer. And I hope that this conference
would day that to take part in economy you have the right to be free frm violence and also the right
to be free from words such as shoot the Boer and that any slogans that propugates murders against
any minority or group must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

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