Mr. Leonardo Reales closing remarks
Okay well. I just wanted to say that it very important to underline the curriculum for minorities when
created should expand to other populations as well. In other words, society as a whole should
understand the socio-economic-political-cultural and human rights situation or reality that of
minorities. Otherwise, it will be harder for minorities to overcome some of the structural and
historical problems that have affected them for decades or centuries.
I have seen throughout Latin America, that governments and societies for instance do not see racist
practice within education system as a human rights abuse. This is one of the reasons why it is so hard
to effectively implement national laws and human rights treaties that protect minority groups. Again
sometimes we do have the legislation, an extensive human rights legislation, but that is not enough.
We need to exercise pressure on both governments and populations and societies to help overcome
all those education problems that minorities face and have been mentioned throughout the forum.
Thank you.

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