Acheh-Sumatra National Liberation Front (ASNLF)

Human Rights Council Forum on Minority Issues:
”Minorities in situations of humanitarian crises”
Ninth Session 24–25 November 2016, Room XX,
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Delivered by: Asnawi Ali

Recovering from a crisis: ensuring durable solutions

Thank you Mr. Chairman,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Asnawi Ali, and on behalf of the Acheh-Sumatra National Liberation Front or
ASNLF, I wish to draw the attention of the forum on the situation in my homeland, Acheh in
For almost 30 years, between 1976-2005, Acheh was under massive Indonesia’s military
operations against members and followers of the pro-independence movement, that caused
tens of thousands casualties and uncountable serious human rights violations. It is well
documented, that most of the violations had been committed by Indonesian armed/police forces,
in the form of summary executions, torture, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and
detention, rape and sexual assault, and property destruction.
On the 26th December 2004 Acheh was heavily damaged by the Indian Ocean tsunami, which
claimed over 170 000 lives. The aftermath of the natural disaster, Indonesia and the Free Acheh
Movement agreed to end the military conflict.
On 15 August 2005, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), mediated by the finnish peace
broker Crisis Management Initiative, was signed by the government of Indonesia and the Free
Acheh Movement in Helsinki. The signing of the peace deal had been accelerated partly
through the above-mentioned natural catastrophe, so that the international access for the
humanitarian help in the region was made possible. The people of Acheh owed to international
communities for all assistance and all of the delivered humanitarian reliefs.
Mr. Chairman,
Twelve years after the natural disaster and eleven years after ending of armed conflict, much of
its infrastructure might have been rebuilt, but the people of Acheh is still desperately struggling
for its fundamental changes in civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.
There is only little attention has been paid to reviving civil societies, economic recovery and
addressing past human rights abuses. On the contrary, the central government which has more
power in the region has been busy dealing with the local government to safeguard its interests.
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