CERD General Recommendation XXVII on Discrimination Against Roma
Adopted at the Fifty-seventh session of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial
Discrimination, on 16 August 2000
(Contained in document A/55/18, annex V)

The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination,
Having in mind the submissions from States parties to the International
Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, their periodic
reports submitted under article 9 of the Convention, as well as the concluding
observations adopted by the Committee in connection with the consideration of States
parties’ periodic reports,
Having organized a thematic discussion on the issue of discrimination against
Roma and received the contributions of members of the Committee, as well as
contributions by experts from United Nations bodies and other treaty bodies and from
regional organizations,
Having also received the contributions of interested non-governmental
organizations, both orally during the informal meeting organized with them and
through written information,
Taking into account the provisions of the Convention,
Recommends that the States parties to the Convention, taking into account
their specific situations, adopt for the benefit of members of the Roma communities,
inter alia, all or part of the following measures, as appropriate.
1. Measures of a general nature
To review and enact or amend legislation, as appropriate, in order to eliminate
all forms of racial discrimination against Roma as against other persons or groups, in
accordance with the Convention.
To adopt and implement national strategies and programmes and express
determined political will and moral leadership, with a view to improving the situation
of Roma and their protection against discrimination by State bodies, as well as by any
person or organization.
To respect the wishes of Roma as to the designation they want to be given and
the group to which they want to belong.
To ensure that legislation regarding citizenship and naturalization does not
discriminate against members of Roma communities.
To take all necessary measures in order to avoid any form of discrimination
against immigrants or asylum-seekers of Roma origin.

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