Intervention at the UN Forum on Minority Issues, 15-16th
December ‘09
Topic: Right to Education
By Peter Hyll-Larsen, Right to Education Project, ActionAid
Madame Chair, thank you for giving me the word.
I work for the Right to Education project, housed with ActionAid
International and in partnership with the Global Campaign for
Education and Amnesty International. Through a website
(, research and a wide network we try to
promote social mobilisation and legal accountability on education
The following thoughts are offered in my personal capacity as invited
expert to the Forum on Minority Issues.
My reflections on Professor Thornburry’s very fine Draft
Recommendations will be three-fold, all 3 at a slightly more general
My first point: A grateful acknowledgement that the
recommendations reflect the highly useful framework of the 4 As.
Namely: Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Adaptability.
And this is quite clear if you read through them. However, I would
encourage, if possible, to go further and to frame even more
systematically and rigorously the issue in the language of these 4 As.
As done in for example General Comment 13 from the CESCR. This
should go both for these recommendations themselves, and for what
action these recommendations recommend: i.e new laws and policies
at the national level. The 4 As are simply the best way of cutting the
cake. And specifically in the case of education and minority issues,

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