8th Forum on Minority Issues
Afro-Christian Corporation for Research and Human Development
Respected members of the forum, my name is Estefanel Gutierrez Perez and on behalf of the
Afro-Christian Corporation for Research and Human Development (Coorposur), in the next three
minutes I will:
1. Refer to the excessive use of force against the Afro-Colombian population.
2. Second, I will touch upon the use of racial and ethnic profiling by the institutions entrusted with
enforcing the law.
As far as the first situation is concerned, Article 3 of the Code of Conduct, adopted by the United
Nations in its resolution 34/169 in December 1979, establishes that: “The officials in charge of enforcing
the law can use force when it is strictly necessary and to the measure required to carry out their tasks.”
The CIDH in its resolution of provisional measures in the case of the regional capital penitentiary center
Yare I and II established that the use of force can only be used when all others forms of control have
been exhausted and failed, and that such use of force be exceptional, necessary, and proportional, as it
was clearly established by the Constitutional Court of Colombia. However, the community of
Afro-descendants remains worried because in August 2013 four farm workers died at the hands of
police forces. We are worried because in cities like Barranquilla, Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota and Cali
the social, economic, and cultural rights of young Afro-Colombians are diminished by the hands of
public forces without an object and reasonable justification. We are worried about the systematic
humiliation of the principle of equality and nondiscrimination at the moment young Afro-Colombians are
stopped and searched, at the moment they enter a club or university, or when they are seated in the
corner of their homes; these are horrible events linked to racial profiling. The young Afro-Colombian is
idealized as a criminal.
We recommend the following to the national government:
1. The capacitating and training of agents in the principles of employing the use of force.
2. And the creation of a program for the conciliation of agents with minorities.

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