Chile Transfers 1,426 Hectares of Land back to Indigenous Communities

Chile—The National Corporation for Indigenous Development (Conadi) has transferred 1,426 hectares of land to the Cocauque Indigenous Community in the Chiloé archipelago, Los Lagos Region, southern Chile. This land transfer addresses the Cocauque Indigenous Community's long-standing claim and allows them to recover their ancestral territories.

This transfer benefits 38 families and represents a 4.2 billion Chilean peso investment. The ceremony also included a resolution for lands claimed by the Yaldad Indigenous Community, reflecting broader efforts to resolve Indigenous land claims across the archipelago.

Luis Penchuleo, Conadi's National Director, officiated the ceremony on Chiloé Island, highlighting the event's importance in recognizing the Cocauque’s rightful ownership. Elías Colivoro Chiguay, the Cocauque community’s Werkén (spokesperson), emphasized the profound significance of reclaiming lands owed to their ancestors.

The Regional Secretary of Social Development and Family, Enzo Jaramillo, described this ceremony as a truly historic moment, a triumph of Indigenous communities in their fight for justice and the recognition of their deep-rooted connection to the land. 

The full article is available on the website of El Reporte Diario.