Ethnocultural Minorities in Liberal Democracies: Middle Eastern Minorities in Secular Canada


In a bid to shed light on the multifaceted issues concerning religious and ethnocultural minorities in Quebec and Canada, a significant event has been organized by the Centre for Research on Minorities in the Middle East (RCMME) at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Religious Studies (CERC) and the Society, Law and Religions Research Center (SoDRUS) at the University of Sherbrooke.

The central objective of this event is to delve into the complexities surrounding the identity, rituals, and cultural diversity of ethnocultural minorities residing in Canada. These communities navigate their existence within a secularized, liberal, and individualistic society and within the context of a non-religious state.

A series of monthly conferences (12 in total), conducted in French, English, or Arabic, will address the issues highlighted. Led by representatives from ethno-religious communities, research experts, lawyers, and Canadian association members, each session will last 2 hours, fostering in-depth discussions and exchanges. Start date is the 21st of September, 2023. For more information, visit: