FUEN: Minority Education Rights Under Threat Throughout Europe

Photo: FUEN

The 67th Congress of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), which took place in Pécs, Hungary, addressed the issue of minority educational rights in Europe. Loránt Vincze, President of FUEN, emphasized the significance of protecting minority education as an essential element of identity and democracy. He stated, “The attacks on the education of minorities are an attack on the foundations of their identity. They are also an attack on democracy and the rule of law. We cannot duck away when we witness such practices.”

Challenges such as budget cuts and reduced language school programs threaten minority education across the continent. Examples include a one-third reduction in German lessons in Polish schools, unenforced educational rights in Austria, and blocked establishment of Hungarian schools in Romania. 

Vincze outlined FUEN's priorities, including expanding its presence in Europe, promoting minority participation in decision-making, combating hate speech, safeguarding minority education, and engaging young people. The congress brings together delegates from 50 distinct minority groups spanning 26 countries, emphasizing the imperative for collective endeavours to safeguard the educational rights of minorities throughout Europe.

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