Minority Rights Group International briefing on discrimination against minorities in Iran

Image: Minority Rights Group International

Minority Rights Group, in cooperation with the Centre for Supporters of Human Rights, has published a briefing in the context of the protests starting in 2022 in Iran. Its purpose is to demonstrate the situation of Kurdish, Arab, Baluch, and many other minority groups and how it has led to many of them joining the uprising.

According to the briefing, living predominantly in the borderland regions of the country, Iranian minorities have long been negatively affected by environmental problems and an economic crisis, but these are made even more severe by systematic state discrimination. Despite several waves of demonstrations breaking out in recent years, the Islamic Republic has refused to implement reforms and continues to violently repress minority activism.

In the briefing released at the end of last year, the Group warns that as the crackdown on protesters by the government focuses disproportionally on minorities, international support will be crucial. As a first step, it calls for the introduction of anti-discrimination laws into the Iranian Constitution, which guarantees religious freedom but only for four recognized religions, leaving others without legal protections.

The full briefing can be downloaded from the Minority Rights Group website.


Author: Laura Vizi