OHCHR Publishes New Guide on Anti-Discrimination Legislation and Protecting Minority Rights

Image: OHCHR

The OHCHR, in partnership with Equal Rights Trust, recently developed and published new guidance on protecting minority rights by adopting and effectively implementing comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation.

According to the OHCHR, the “Guide synthesises and harmonises existing international legal standards, to provide clear and accessible guidance on the necessary scope, structure and content of comprehensive anti-discrimination laws [and…] fills a long-standing gap for clear, unequivocal and comprehensive guidance for Governments, Parliaments, NHRIs, UN staff, civil society representatives and minority and other human rights defenders in the elements of anti-discrimination law, the various aspects of the comprehensive ban on all forms of discrimination and the protection of minorities, as grounded in the core international human rights treaties and related norms and standards, including as adjudicated.”

The guide was developed through extensive consultations, including an Advisory Committee comprised of 13 experts in the field of anti-discrimination, research by experts and academics, other public and online consultations, and through the input of civil society representatives and OHCHR staff members.

The guide is currently available in English. Versions in other UN languages will be made available later in 2023. An easy-to-read version is also under development. More information about the guide, including an introductory video from the High Commissioner for Human Rights, can be found on the website of the OHCHR.