United Nations Expresses Concerns Over Manipur Situation, India Disagrees

A group of over a dozen UN experts has expressed deep concern over reported human rights violations in India's Northeast State of Manipur, including sexual violence, extrajudicial killings, home destruction, forced displacement, torture, and ill-treatment. These abuses stem from ethnic conflicts between the Hindu Meitei and Christian Kuki communities, resulting in 160 deaths, hundreds of injuries, and 50,000 displacements.

“We have serious concerns about the apparent slow and inadequate response by the Government of India, including law enforcement, to stem physical and sexual violence and hate speech in Manipur,” the UN experts said.

India rejects the UN experts' concerns as "unwarranted, presumptive, and misleading." It asserts that Manipur is peaceful and committed to maintaining peace and human rights protections. The government pledges to safeguard the rights of all Indian citizens, including those in Manipur.

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